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Simulink Desktop Real-Time

Run Simulink models in real time on your computer

Simulink® Desktop Real-Time™ provides a real-time kernel for executing Simulink models on a Windows® or Mac laptop or desktop. It includes library blocks that connect to a range of I/O devices. You can create and tune a real-time system for rapid prototyping or hardware-in-the-loop simulation with your computer.

Simulink Desktop Real-Time supports real-time performance with lower sample rate for Connected IO mode simulation in Simulink, and supports higher sample rates for Run in Kernel mode simulation in Simulink with Simulink Coder™.

Get Started

Learn the basics of Simulink Desktop Real-Time

Model Preparation for Real-Time Simulation

Predefined and custom I/O driver blocks, code generation parameters, real-time kernel

Real-Time Simulation

Real-time target; Connected IO mode, accelerator mode, and Run in Kernel mode; sample rate; real-time scope parameters

Parameter Tuning

Tunable block parameters, tunable global parameters, Dashboard blocks, MATLAB® scripting

Signal Logging

Data logging to workspace or file, external mode scope triggering

Troubleshooting in Simulink Desktop Real-Time

Troubleshoot problems that you encounter while using the Simulink Desktop Real-Time product