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Work with MathWorks to speed up your MATLAB and Simulink projects.

Leverage the Expertise of the MathWorks Organization

Having deep product knowledge and broad technical experience, we guide your team to apply best practices to your development projects. We offer “from the source” insights into our products and exclusive access to our in-house subject matter experts. Our worldwide presence means that we live and work where you do, speak your language, and understand local customs and business practices. Wherever you are, we’re there to help.

Transparent Approach

Your team will have full access to all our work throughout your project. We’ll leave you in control of your improved processes, tools, and design work.

Customized Engagements

We’ll work with you to develop a customized project plan aligned to your business goals. Services range from proofs-of-concept, to verified components, to enterprise solutions.

Return on Investment

We’ll accelerate your learning curve, reducing your development time and cost while improving quality and team collaboration. Your self-sufficiency and enhanced productivity are our goals.

Proven Solutions

Learn how you can utilize our technical expertise to accelerate project development and shorten time-to-market.

Technical Computing

Manage data and create predictive models; build software applications; increase performance; and deploy MATLAB components into production environments.

Model-Based Design

Establish or refine processes specific to your requirements to design, prototype, and implement embedded systems quickly and efficiently.

Signal Processing and Communications

Acquire and analyze signals; develop streaming algorithms; model your communications systems; and generate HDL code and deploy it on SoCs and FPGAs.

Customer Success Stories

“Having 2,500 engineers across product development gives us a wide set of challenges. The main challenge is, all this great MATLAB code that we’re developing, how do we share it around the business? We engaged with the MathWorks Consulting team to come up with solutions to these problems and that’s when we came up with the MATLAB App Store.”

David Barry, Jaguar Land Rover

"When we sell an energy storage system, our customers often need to verify that it will work on their grids, so we provide them with the same Simulink plant model that we used to develop our EMS software suite. As a result, we are able to run accurate simulations before installing any equipment on the client’s grid, and can provide this service at a competitive cost."

Adile Ajaja, EVLO

“Compared with our past experience with hand-coding, Model-Based Design enabled us to reduce labor costs by 30%, cut testing costs by 20%, and increase productivity by more than 30%. We completed ECU development ahead of schedule while establishing our in-house software development team.”

Daming Li, Weichai Power